Teaching is one of the most important jobs there is, and one of the most difficult. Every day, teachers face the challenge of engaging and enriching a class full of individuals, each with a unique learning style, their own interests, and who are often at vastly different learning levels.

To truly personalize learning for each one, teachers need support. You’ve told us you want to talk with like-minded educators facing the same struggles. You want advice you can trust on how to select tools that will help you identify performance gaps or strengths in students, tailor curriculum to individual learner needs, and provide new and exciting ways for students to apply what they’ve learned, be creative, and share with peers. But what are the right tools? And what strategies are working?

Here at LEAP, we’re fostering collaboration among innovative educators, providing support to those who are getting started, and working to objectively identify the best tech solutions so you can get back to doing what you love – inspiring the next generation of American leaders.

Our three key initiatives:

The LEAP Innovations Collaboratory is a place to convene educators, tech innovators and other stakeholders to discover, share and scale tools and strategies that advance personalized learning.

In the LEAP Innovations Pilot Network, we work directly with educators and tech innovators to discover and pilot personalized learning technologies and innovative practices, and then share our research nationally to scale what works.

Breakthrough Schools Chicago is a $4 million program that supports local educators as they develop transformative, whole-school personalized learning approaches to serve as models for the future of education through workshops, access to national experts, and funding.