Personalized learning and technology have the potential to transform classrooms; provide individualized instruction anytime, anywhere; and revolutionize the way we learn.

At LEAP, we’re working to better personalize learning for more students by:

  • identifying the education technology tools that work best and helping them scale
  • supporting teachers with the best new strategies
  • finding ways for learning to extend beyond the walls of the classroom

As a nonprofit organization, we protect the safety and privacy of students and families involved in all of our programs. Our guiding principle is to accelerate education for every student, so each one can go as fast and as far as they can.

Our three key initiatives:

The LEAP Innovations Collaboratory is a place to convene educators, tech innovators and other stakeholders to discover, share and scale tools and strategies that advance personalized learning.

In the LEAP Innovations Pilot Network, we work directly with educators and tech innovators to discover and pilot personalized learning technologies and innovative practices, and then share our research nationally to scale what works.

Breakthrough Schools Chicago is a $4 million program that supports local educators as they develop transformative, whole-school personalized learning approaches to serve as models for the future of education through workshops, access to national experts, and funding.