Looking to implement personalized learning for literacy or math in your K-8th grade classrooms? Our Pilot Network works directly with forward-thinking principals and teachers to identify, implement and evaluate personalized learning techniques and edtech products based on schools individual needs.  These pilots are supported with in-person coaching, onsite observations, as well as qualitative and quantitative feedback on student growth.

The program includes a robust, semester-long professional development workshop series, as well as a year-long pilot starting the following fall complete with research and implementation support. All components are built on the LEAP Learning Framework, which is based on three key elements – the degree to which learning is focused on, demonstrated by, and led with the learner. It is rooted in the idea that learning happens anytime, anywhere, not just within the classroom during school time.

  • Learner Focused - learner experiences are designed around a deep understanding of individual academic and nonacademic needs, interests and strengths
  • Learner Demonstrated - learners progress at their own pace and advance based on demonstrated competency, not time spent on a subject
  • Learner Led - learners coached to take ownership of their learning so that it dynamically adjusts to their skills, curiosity and goals

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