We believe that: If LEAP designed a curation process to vet a short-list of edtechs based on soundness of design, our schools can focus on selecting based on their needs.

This process is led by our Curation Panel–an assembly of national experts (in learning/cognitive science, pedagogy, and personalized learning) who independently review and make recommendations. Thus, we can be sure we are offering schools solutions with great potential. It includes the following:

Edtech Recruitment & Application

  • LEAP engages 100+ edtech companies every year
  • 40 edtech products complete in-depth applications, which include demo videos/guides, dummy accounts and research documents

Preliminary Evaluation

  • Internal subject matter experts (including veteran educators, researchers, and personalized learning experts) evaluate all products application for basic fit for product requirements, including scope and depth of content, availability of data and fundamental alignment with the LEAP Learning Framework

Curation Panelist Individual Review

  • Full curation panel of national SME's review products as aligned with their area of expertise
  • Panelists have 4-6 weeks to review products and provide feedback

Curation Panel Evaluation

  • Entire day convening of in-person panels to deliberate on products by subject area
  • Panelists debate product reviews to reach agreement on recommendations

Newly Curated Tools for 2018-19 Pilots:

  • Achieve3000 (Achieve3000)
  • BrainPop (BrainPop)
  • Curriculet (Waterford Institute)
  • Edgenuity (Edgenuity)
  • Lexia PowerUp Literacy (Lexia Learning)
  • Mathletics (3P Learning)
  • MathSpace (MathSpace)
  • Squiggle Park (Squiggle Park)
  • UpSmart (Edgenuity)
  • Velocity (Voyager)
  • Write About (Write About)
  • Zinc Learing Labs (Zinc Learning Labs)

Previously Curated Edtech Partners:


  • Frontier (eSpark Learning)
  • iReady (Curriculum Associates)
  • Imagine Learning (Imagine Learning)
  • Lexia Reading Core5 (Lexia Learning)
  • Lightsail (Lightsail)
  • myON (myON)
  • Newsela (Newsela)
  • Quill (Quill)
  • ThinkCERCA (ThinkCERCA)


  • ALEKS (McGraw-Hill School Education, LLC)
  • Conceptua Math (Conceptua)
  • DreamBox (DreamBox)
  • Imagine Math (Imagine Learning)
  • Mathspace (Mathspace)
  • Reasoning Mind (Reasoning Mind)
  • RedBird (McGraw-Hill School Education, LLC)
  • ST Math (Mind Research)

Learner Demonstrated

  • Canvas by Instructure (Instructure)