We are excited to share the results of our first year of pilots!

LEAP’s Pilot Network launched in the fall of 2014, focusing on literacy edtech tools with 15 schools across Chicago. Our goal? To determine the best way to find, implement, and evaluate edtech tools and innovative teaching practices with schools, and to begin to understand which of these tools and practices have the potential to make the biggest difference in student achievement.

What did we learn? A great deal, starting with how to best focus and evolve the LEAP piloting process, and how to inform the processes of other educators, organizations, and districts piloting around the country.

Perhaps most excitingly, we found that innovation in the hands of forward-thinking educators has the potential to make a real impact: overall, for grades 3-8, participation in the Pilot Network resulted in a gain of 1.07 additional test-score points above what the control group achieved on NWEA. This is equivalent to closing the achievement growth gap on NWEA for low-income students by approximately 45 percent, nearly closing the gap for Black students, and more than closing the gap for Hispanic students.

Read the full report here.