Connecting innovation and education to dramatically transform the way students learn, LEAP Innovations® leads the nation in developing and scaling personalized learning practices, technology and innovations in classrooms throughout the U.S. Located at 1871, Chicago’s premier incubator for technology and entrepreneurship, LEAP is quickly positioning Chicago as the national hub for education innovation. LEAP has also launched the country's most comprehensive personalized learning framework, as well as the first survey tools to measure practice in the classroom.

Sponsored by major foundations and donors, LEAP currently works with over 90 schools across the Chicagoland area, improving the lives of thousands of students. Winner of the 2016 Chicago Innovation Award for social innovation, LEAP Innovations is poised to increase reach and impact by deploying thought leadership, services and tools across the country.

The mission of LEAP Innovations is to create access to equitable, high-quality personalized learning experiences for all learners, ultimately helping each one to reach their full potential. LEAP operates at the intersection of educators and edtech innovators—researching and implementing personalized practices and tools.

LEAP is defining and articulating the teacher practices that best meet individual student needs; determining the school- and classroom-level models that best personalize learning; and constructing the research methods and tools to best evaluate the impact of personalized learning and edtech programs on student achievement. Similarly, from the edtech side, LEAP aims to help edtech companies utilize LEAP’s research and educator feedback to create tools that are more aligned with teacher and student needs.

LEAP has built a scaffolded trajectory of programming to accomplish these goals, including the LEAP Pilot Network, in which school teams select, pilot and evaluate personalized learning technologies and practices within individual classrooms, as well as whole-school redesign programs, in which school teams design transformative, school-wide personalized learning models.


  • Every person deserves the chance to reach his or her potential.
  • Quality education should be available to everyone: anytime, anywhere.
  • Innovation can transform teaching and learning.
  • The private and public sectors must collaborate to advance education and keep our country competitive.
  • The time is now.

The team at LEAP envisions a future in which there are no boundaries to learning – a future in which each and every student’s learning experiences in and out of school create a seamless, accredited, unique pathway that is tailored to that student’s needs, strengths, interests and limitless ambitions.

Over the next five years, LEAP will work toward this vision in two key ways:

Regional Expansion: LEAP will strengthen its impact by expanding its local work, serving an additional 165,000 students at 325 schools and developing additional focus areas such as early childhood, after school and juvenile justice.

National Impact: Through its work in Chicago, home to the third largest school district in the country, LEAP will build the foundation of tools, resources and knowledge to scale its personalized learning work across the country. These tools and resources include the LEAP Learning Framework, which defines and provides strategies for the implementation of personalized learning, and the LEAP Personalized Learning Surveys, which measure the degree of personalization in a learning environment and are now being used across 11 states. Additionally, LEAP will conduct rigorous research to aggregate and analyze data on teacher practice, student outcomes and product efficacy. 

The LEAP Personalized Learning Teacher and Student Surveys are a tool to help educators better understand and measure changes to their practice and their students’ experiences. LEAP identifies school districts across the country that are interested in using this tool, and works with them to electronically administer the surveys to their teachers and students.

The Survey Administrator will play a critical role within the broader Survey team, which includes research, business development, and marketing functions. Once an interested district is identified, the Survey Administrator will be responsible for facilitating the entire survey process, including gathering the necessary registration information, operating within the survey distribution system, tracking and communicating participation, and responding to all client / educator inquiries and questions.


  • Administer the Personalized Learning Surveys for Teachers and Students to schools nationally through the Qualtrics platform
  • Manage the recruitment process, including responding to inbound interest queries, tracking outbound efforts, and guiding districts and schools through the process
  • Manage school registration on the front end of the process and coordinate access to results reporting on the back end of the process for each participating school / district
  • Run and communicate response rates for open surveys, encouraging greater participation to yield more actionable results for schools
  • Respond proactively to inbound inquiries, troubleshoot issues, and guide and support users through the process as needed
  • Be the voice of our users within the organization - elevate more complex questions, identify common concerns, and relay opportunities for improvement



  • Communicate with clarity and empathy, both orally and in writing, incorporating appropriate context in each message
  • Handle data in a highly organized manner, paying attention to the details and treating it with care
  • Work within a tight-knit but busy team, functioning independently to provide an efficient process and high level of support to the educators who use our tools
  • Commit to excellence in meeting deadlines, managing your time across multiple projects, and continually enhancing communication and efficiency within the team


  • Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • Demonstrated excellence in a customer or product support role
  • Proficiency in Excel; experience with a CRM system and with Qualtrics or another online survey software platform a plus