Are you implementing personalized learning at your school? Gain valuable insights into teacher practices and student experiences in the classroom by participating in the LEAP Personalized Learning Surveys.

Both surveys are administered twice a year, in the fall and in the spring. We are now offering these surveys to schools and districts at no cost.

This fall, the survey will open on October 9, 2017 and remain open through December 15, 2017. The sign-up period will last through mid-November.

Download the fall 2017 survey information sheet, or view sample items. Sign up to take the surveys using the form below.

View an introductory webinar to learn more about the surveys here.

Questions? Email LEAP’s Research Team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The LEAP Personalized Learning Surveys measure the degree to which teaching practices are personalizing learning for students. The surveys ask teachers about their practices and students about their classroom experiences.

Both surveys were developed with the highest standards in partnership with American Institutes for Research, an independent behavioral and social science research and evaluation organization. Both contain rigorous, reliable measures.

Last year, 2,000 teachers and 14,000 students across twelve states took part in the survey. Participants who take the survey receive reports that describe the level of their personalized learning implementation measured against a set of nationally-normed these standards, as well as compared to results from schools across the country.

What do the surveys measure?
The LEAP Personalized Learning Surveys can be used to:

  • Assess the current degree of personalization in a classroom
  • Evaluate the success of personalized learning programs or professional development
  • Determine priorities for professional development

Who should take it?
The surveys can be administered to 3rd-12th grade students and K-12th grade teachers. Survey reports for 4th-8th grade students and K-8th grade teachers will contextualize a given school’s data within our national standards, a scale that ranges from “Emerging Personalization” to “High Personalization,” as well as against other schools taking the surveys.

These standards are still being developed for 3rd and 9th-12th grade students, as well as 9th-12th grade teachers. You will still receive a report for these groups including your school’s survey responses compared to all schools. Data from this fall’s surveys will help us inform the development of standards for these groups, which we plan to release in the coming year.

Participant Terms of Use for LEAP Surveys
Data Use Policy for LEAP Surveys