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Our students need help emerging from the academic and emotional impact of the pandemic.

Change the tide by seizing the power of strong, empathetic student relationships.

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What does LEAP Learner Immersion entail?

We know everyone is different. That’s why we created strategies and tools that are meant to grow and evolve

  • The blended professional development program
    consists of “anywhere, anytime” modules. Modules are
    housed within two programs: Foundations and
  • Modules are meant for immediate implementation
    with students.

build relationships

Empowers teachers with strategies grounded in the LEAP Learner Profile Tool to identify social, emotional, and academic needs.

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Spotlight on The LEAP Learner Profile Tool:
using our proprietary LEAP Learner Profile tool, you’ll be able to identify a student’s social, emotional, and academic needs—the heart of creating a more fruitful learning environment

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activate learner-led pathways

Builds skills to co-map the student’s pathways to academic growth, accounting for their unique goals and ambitions.

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Spotlight on Pathways:
Learner-led pathways are meant to live, breath, grow, and evolve so that each student’s needs are met over time.

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What can teachers expect from LEAP Learner Immersion?

Teachers of all levels need a powerful starting point to rebuild, recharge, and accelerate learning growth. LEAP Learner Immersion helps identify ways to engage students on a deeper, more sincere level.

  • Experience the science behind how solid relationships fuel better learning.
  • Get Live Coaching support as you participate in the program.
  • Be part of a culture of collaboration as you share LEAP Learner Immersion across teams.
  • Create a unified vision in how teachers engage their students.
  • Enjoy flexible modules built for anywhere, anytime learning.
  • Start today with programs that are designed for immediate implementation.

How to experience:

Ready to learn more? Your students are. Contact partnerships@leapinnovations.org to get started today.