What’s the Survey Process for Schools?

When it comes to the Surveys, schools get out what they put in. To receive the most powerful results, educators should be actively involved as they plan for the Personalized Learning Surveys, administer them and digest their results.

Before you register, make sure you understand the different phases of the process and what each will involve for you. Your active support will make sure you get the most insightful reports possible.

Online registration is simple, but the thoughtful preparation before you do so will help you ensure the most powerful results in the end. Check out the registration details here to make sure you set your schools up for success.

Different strategies for the administration process will help deliver the most controlled, reliable results. Check out our tips and guidelines for administering the Surveys.

Understand the different report types and how they’re distributed.

Context is everything in education—what works in one classroom is not guaranteed to work in another. This is why the reports are thorough but don’t tell you what to do next. Check out our suggestions for taking your results from data to meaningful, actionable insights for your specific learners and teachers.

Ready to Get Started?
The Fall 2019 PL Surveys can be taken from October 7 through December 20. Register today to drive new insights, ideas and inspiration!