We’re fiercely committed
to improving the learning experience.

LEAP is a catalyst for learning innovation. We work with educators, researchers and other innovators to unlock the unlimited potential of every learner. Our hands-on approach to personalized learning is actionable for every teacher, classroom and student. Everywhere.

Creating Ideal Learning Experiences

In our mission to transform learning, we’re defining, developing, piloting and measuring the most effective methods and tools for meeting learners where they are.


The LEAP Learning FrameworkTM details the essentials of personalized learning and delivers sustainable, actionable strategies for every classroom.


We create and deliver hands-on training, empowering educators to personalize learning for their students.


We partner with educators and innovators to transform learning experiences.


We rigorously measure personalized learning progress in schools and classrooms across the country to continuously enhance learning for every student.
“At LEAP, we believe each learner has unique talents. Learning must be redesigned to ignite their unlimited potential and better prepare them for this changing world."

Phyllis Lockett

Founder and CEO

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Our Research

Our work is ongoing. We continuously research, improve and publish our findings to deepen the practice of personalized learning.
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Working Together Changes Everything

We’ve been privileged to partner with passionate and relentless innovators, educators and experts to develop and deliver transformative learning experiences. Help us continue to improve the learning experience.

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