LEAP Innovations Board of Directors &
Research Advisory Board

Leaders from respected businesses and non-profit institutions across the country serve as part of LEAP’s Board of Directors and Research Advisory Board. Board members provide support and expertise to LEAP’s ongoing educational innovation and research efforts.

Board of Directors

Phyllis Lockett
CEO, LEAP Innovations

Michael Alter, Board Chairman
President, The Alter Group

Tim Schwertfeger, Board Treasurer
Chairman Emeritus, Nuveen Investments

Ulrik Christensen
Executive Chairman, Area9 Group / CEO, Area9 Lyceum

Jeffrey Hammes
Chairman, Kirkland & Ellis LLP

Helayne Jones
Independent Consultant – Aegis Management, LLC

David Levy
Founder, Volition LLC (on behalf of New Profit)

Leo Melamed
Chairman Emeritus, CME Group

Michael Moe
Chairman and CEO, GSV Capital

Research Advisory Board

Steve​ ​Arnold
Polaris​ ​Partners: Co-Founder; George​ ​Lucas​ ​Educational​ ​Foundation: Co-Founder​ ​and​ ​Vice​ ​Chairman​ ​of​ ​the​ ​Board​ ​of​ ​Directors

Brad​ ​Bernatek
Bill​ ​and​ ​Melinda​ ​Gates​ ​Foundation: Senior​ ​Program​ ​Officer

Edith​ ​Gummer
Arizona​ ​State​ ​University​ ​Mary​ ​Lou​ ​Fulton​ ​Teachers​ ​College: Executive​ ​Director​ ​of​ ​Data​ ​Strategy

John​ ​F.​ ​Pane
Pardee​ ​RAND​ ​Graduate​ ​School: Distinguished​ ​Chair​ ​in​ ​Education​ ​Innovation; Senior​ ​Scientist; Professor

Kylie​ ​Peppler
Indiana​ ​University​ ​Bloomington: Associate​ ​Professor​ ​of​ ​Learning​ ​Sciences Director​ ​of​ ​The​ ​Creativity​ ​Labs; LRNG: Chief​ ​Learning​ ​Officer

Terri​ ​Pigott
Loyola​ ​University​ ​Chicago: Associate​ ​Provost​ ​for​ ​Research Professor,​ ​Research​ ​Methodology

Nichole​ ​Denise​ ​Pinkard
Northwestern​ ​University: Associate​ ​Professor,​ ​Learning​ ​Sciences

Bror​ ​Saxberg
Chan​ ​Zuckerberg​ ​Initiative

Barbara​ ​Schneider
Michigan​ ​State​ ​University: Distinguished​ ​Professor,​ ​College​ ​of​ ​Education​ ​&​ ​Department​ ​of​ ​Sociology John​ ​A.​ ​Hannah​ ​Chair